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There are hundreds of thousands of apartments available for rent or lease in the entire United States of America from Alaska to Hawaii. Finding the right match between property owners and renters is a huge task and challenge.

MultiFamily Traffic, founded in 2003 made history in 2009 when it successfully revolutionized the multi-family housing and apartment marketing business by offering the formula developed, tested and implemented by Multifamily Traffic.

The MultiFamily Traffic Apartment industry is a fast-growing industry in the US. If your apartment units need to be leased today, we can create a campaign to move qualified renters to your website instantly, and as a result of our managing over ten million dollars in AdWords per year, you can save 40 to 85 percent on Google. 

If you bought the traffic on your own, your savings would be almost zero. The Internet Listing Services which depends heavily on SEA for the listing’s traffic is expensive.

So as a property owner, you can enhance your transaction with qualified renters through the MultiFamily Traffic Apartment.

MultiFamily Traffic applies Apartment SEO to improve the search rankings of your website. Through quality link building and search engine optimization we assure your community webpage of the coming of qualified renters who would ultimately occupy your properties.


MultiFamily Traffic manages an average of 1,300 leases per day. As organic traffic renters find you in Google without seeing a paid ad, this produces a higher return on investment than paid search traffic.

MultiFamily Traffic works with apartment marketing professionals who are aware of the fast changes on updates occurring on Google every week. MultiFamily Traffic keeps up the changes for these professionals that translate to about 10 updates every week.


A property owner without any experience in apartment marketing would find it difficult to implement a plan without SEO. MultiFamily Traffic helps you attain your goals with a minimum of investment loss. Take advantage of MultiFamily Traffic’s deep experience in scientific apartment marketing.

Our profound expertise in apartment marketing combined with our dedicated team of analysts and professionals have made possible the successful signing of many lease agreements over the years.

If more leases is all what you want with more traffic and how to get there, MultiFamilyTraffic can boost your calls and visits to your site and office by optimizing and promoting the property’s website. 


With MultiFamily Traffic Apartment, you can realize apartment marketing fast. MultiFamily Traffic Apartment is involved in both apartment marketing and apartment portfolio ownership. enhance your MultiFamily Traffic apartment marketing now. You can our blogs here http://www.multifamilytraffic.com/do-you-need-to-hire-a-professional-adwords-manager-for-apartments/